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Jordan Seaberry is Entangling Spaces

For the painter and activist, inscribing art into political organizing’s core is his life’s work.

The artist takes a video call to consult for a local nonprofit organization.

Jordan Seaberry is many things. Artist, grassroots organizer, educator. He wears many different hats, serving as the co-director of a nonprofit centered on creative organizing called the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, Chairperson of the Providence Board of Canvassers, and on the faculty of the Rhode Island School of Design.

Jordan’s studio in Providence, Rhode Island brims with life—from the eclectic array of books and binders, to the comic figurines sitting on a shelf, to a lone disco ball hanging from the ceiling, catching stray rays of sunlight. I visited him to talk about his work, life, and artistic and political practice.

The artist's studio resides in a converted factory building, which is now rented out by a diverse array of tenants.


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