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  • Mia Humphrey

Providence Art Walk- A TikTok Series

@providencepublicart is a TikTok account where viewers can follow me as I take a walking tour of public art in downtown Providence, RI. Public Art is unique because it’s accessible to people who do not have time or the ability to go to museums. It is also a way to connect the community and beautify a space. On my walking tour, I explore what public art in Providence, RI has to offer.

My Route:

  1. “Still Here” by Gaia, 2018 - 32 Custom House St

  2. “401: After Winter Must Come Spring” by Fu’una, 2022 - 35 Weybosset St (street side)

  3. “Salt Water” by Garden of Journey (Georgia Nakima), 2021 - 94 Washington St (back side)

  4. “She Never Came” by BEZT, 2015 - 134 Mathewson St (backside)

  5. “ARYZ x Emblem125” by ARYZ, 2022 - 140 Friendship St

  6. “Breaking Bad Habits” by Tao LaBossiere, 2022 - Corner of Francis Street and Exchange Terrace

  7. “Stay Strong, Fight On” by Ryan Adams, 2022 - 1 Ship St


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